John’s Phone Review


The Worlds Simplest Phone , that’s what the design team over at John Doe Amsterdam claim it to be. Now honestly speaking , i need my smartphone dose daily and depend on them for my calendar , twitter , internet dosage A LOT ! But for the sake of this review, i’ve tried to use the John’s Phone exclusively for as long as possible to be able to give an honest judgment on the device.

To start off, the John’s phone is more basic than any phone that you have probably used. Not only do you forego all features like color screens, internet, you can’t even send SMS messages. So if you are addicted to texting, don’t even consider this phone. John Doe has made it sure that the phone is focused on only one task and that is calling. The front of the device is dominated by large number keys and call, hang-up keys. After years of typing out messages on tiny QWERTY keyboards and touchscreens, the gigantic keys on the John’s phone take some getting used to but are definitely a refreshing change from the norm. On the right hand side there are sliding switches to unlock and lock the phone and to power on the device. Above the sliding switches a jog wheel adjusts the volume.